Worldwide Brands – Frequently Asked Questions

I've had a number of questions about Worldwide Brands, the directory of wholesalers and dropshippers, so I'm going to post a quick 'FAQ' here for anyone else who is looking for answers about Worldwide Brands.

1. How many suppliers are listed in the Worldwide Brands directory?

There are about 8,000 suppliers listed in the Worldwide Brands directory as of May 2017.  That's about the same size as Salehoo, one of their main competitors.  WWB lists around 16 million products from these suppliers in their members area.

2. Are there really 16 million products listed on their site?  Why so many more than other directories?

Yes, Worldwide Brands does list around sixteen million products – that's about ten times the number of their nearest competitor, Salehoo.

Worldwide Brands is not cheap – it's the most expensive directory to join.  But you get what you pay for – they would not be able to charge so much money for membership if their directory was not special in some way, and their key advantage is the number of products they list that members can search through.

3. How much does Worldwide Brands cost to join?

The price for unlimited lifetime access to the WWB directory is $299, but they have a discount code floating around the Internet which drops that to $269.  Sometimes they have a flash sale, and drop the price to $249 for a short period of time.

4. Are the suppliers legitimate?

Yes – all the suppliers in the WWB database have been checked and verified by the WWB verification team, they do not add suppliers unless they pass.

5. How many suppliers are based in the USA?

Most of them – about 70%.  WWB does work with suppliers around the world, but their focus is on the US market.

Hope that's useful for anyone who is looking into joining Worldwide Brands, or any of the alternative directories.

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