What To Do If Your Kindle Screen Freeze Down?

If you’re an electronic device user then you must have come across technical issues of the gadget. These devices can easily put us in panic position for some time. The brand new Amazon Kindle 2 isn't any unique althoughit is a very well designed and durable tool. Many times, users have complaint aboutfreezing of display screen. The pages do not turn, the display screen saver may not turn-off no matter how frequently you "Slide and launch the power switch button to wake".

The best approach in such a situation would be to contact technicians to get Kindle help. These technicians are skilled and know there job well. But, if you are unable to contact them there are some methods which you can try to solve the issue.

There are some things you could do to "unfreeze" your Kindle 2, but the satisfactory cure is a kind of prevention method. First, you need to "unfreeze" your device. Within the Kindle 1 you have got some alternatives to unfreeze your tool:

A. Use the keyboard reset – You must hold down the ALT and SHIFT keys then press the "R" button.

B. Manually reset the device by removing the back coverand insert a paper clip (gently) into the "Reset" hole to reset and unfreeze the Kindle.

C. Remove the battery of your Kindle (with the unit unplugged), switch on the electricity button to discharge the electricity inside the Kindle, and then reinstall the battery. You can get more ideas via kindlesupportnumber.com.

D. If you did hard reset again and now the screen is frozen at the "Amazon Kindle please wait a moment while your Kindle starts up" screen and nothing you do changes it.

Regrettably the brand new Kindle 2 does not have a keyboard reset, there may be no manual reset utilizing paper clip, and the battery cannot be accessed. So you have one option left for unfreezing your Kindle 2 and that is resetting the tool by using the power button.

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