What Should Be Included In Your Website

Do Trivial Aspects Really Matter in Website Design?

There are several different aspects which Toronto web design firms need to keep note of for designing websites which can grab user's attention. Our main focus here will be on exploring these aspects so that you can include them while your site is designed.

Important Design Aspects to be Considered While a Website is Designed

Improve Trivial Aspects for Bigger Gains / Decide Whether Site Requires Redesign / Pay Attention on How to Enhance Usability

Pay Attention to Trivial Yet Important Details

Even small details can play an important role in improving design of your site and in providing better viewing experience to users. Details like clear error messages and right order for products or services displayed on a category page can help improve user experience your web site is able to provide. Let us go through some instances where sites benefited by implementing small changes on their sites.

  • One ecommerce portal modified functionality on their site so that visitors can checkout without the need to register on the site during checkout. By implementing this change the site was able to considerably increase revenue they were making.
  • Similarly, restaurant sites can make small changes on their website such as avoiding columnar listing of prices, not showing dollar sign for prices and selecting right photographs to work like motivators.

Decide Whether Site Needs a Redesign

Toronto web designToronto web design companies need to decide whether your site really needs a redesign since many times if done without proper planning, such redesign can actually turn out to be a counterproductive endeavor. Some of the aspects which are to be taken into consideration before redesigning a website would consist of:

  • Designers need to analysis all design elements to understand aspects which are useful for site and features that should be changed during redesign.
  • Toronto web design firms should also analyze latest trends and changes in needs of visitors from the time your website was first developed so that unnecessary design elements can be removed when site is redesigned.

Thus, a redesign should focus on solving problems your site is facing so that redesigned site can fix those problems and achieve better conversions.

Improve Usability with Better Icons and Text Labels

Many first time web users find icons to be quite difficult to understand and text labels tend to work better for such users. Microsoft Outlook's toolbar is a good example of how icons can prove to be detrimental to performance. Before changes were implemented, toolbar only had icons and the toolbar was few low on usability ratings. Even when icons were rearranged or their position changed, it did not improve their usage. Finally, designers included text labels for all the icons and it turned out to be the right decision which considerably increased use of toolbar. This shows that simple changes such as addition of text labels can completely change how well a design element performs.

In Conclusion

From above details it is quite clear that even small changes can improve performance of your site and help it achieve desired results.

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