What are the different uses of stanchions?

A stanchion is a post that stands upright to support something else. These supporting structures are used in almost every environment that an individual can think of, and come in any size, strength and shape. They are used as support beams on boats, in race cars, in automobiles, and in buildings as backup for larger beams. These useful pieces of metal, wood or plastic can come in kits that include instructions to teach the user how to install and properly secure them to certain surfaces. Any type of supporting pole, rail, stick, or other board-like structure can be classified as a Stanchion.

Most people who require support for their building or structures try to find the most cost effective, yet stable and unyielding material that suits their needs. Whether it is to hold up a deck, to keep a flag held aloft in a gentle breeze or to keep billboards strong through all sorts of weather, there is almost no limit to what a stanchion can be used for.

There are many different shapes and styles that can be used for decorative purposes and practical purposes. Some large plates of glass such as mirrors and windows, or large clocks that are decorative for outdoor uses or even gardens can require some extra support because of the sheer weight that is required to keep them standing. Stanchions are made to create a backbone for unstable things in nature and are required to be strong and resilient to the elements as a result.

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