Some Unexpected Allergy Causes

Distinctive allergy causes are like pollen from trees and grasses aren’t the only items that might have you reaching for the tissues. There are also some unexpected things you probably have in your home right now might also be reasons of allergies and cause allergy symptoms to flash up.

There are some lesser known triggers to watch for.

  1. Candles –┬áthe odours from aromatic candles can inflame your nasal cavities. Those with allergies are likely to have a gooey nose or watery eyes when near a burning candle. Candles with scents like pumpkin are typically best tolerated. If you’re having trouble with a candle, try to move away, quench it outside or get some fresh air yourself. You can also consult Summit Shah to know more about the astonishing causes of allergies.
  2. Perfume –┬áhas hundreds of chemicals, mostly untried on people, and when mixed with the essential oils in the cologne and sprayed into the air they can cause a person to sneeze, feel congestion or get a headache. It’s hard, but ask people around you to go easy on the spray scents and advice body creams and lotions as their scents aren’t fairly as strong. You might also keep a small fan in your office or car to possess the air moving.

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