Search Engine Optimization Consultant Tips on Social Marketing

Social media websites are becoming all the rage with internet marketers because of the extreme power they bring to the table when it comes to getting targeted traffic to your website. Search engine optimization consultant firms have the following tips when it comes to implemented social media into your marketing campaigns. These are all free techniques that only will need your attention for less than an hour a day, but the end result could put your website ranking miles above where it is today.

If you are not already making use of a Facebook fan page, this is the very first social media website you need to get working on now. Creating a fan page is extremely simple, and getting friends and family to give that page a nice head start is recommended. Once you have a nice following of fans, then you can begin to interact with your fans and hopefully attract new ones. Search engine optimization companies recommend spending less than an hour visiting other related fan pages and liking or joining their groups. Here is where you can spend time interacting with the people who will eventually become your customers. Try and engage people and put yourself in the position of an authority in your field. 

Twitter and Linked'In should be the next two social media websites that you create a business profile on. These websites have a high page rank and a huge following world wide. Create a profile for your business and again repeat the procedure from Facebook. Join groups, follow other people and interact with people whenever possible. One very successful technique on Twitter is to follow a person in your niche, who has a huge following, this person is obviously doing something right. Then you can slowly friend his friends and when your posts appear in your niche, since they are already fans of that niche you may pickup some new traffic to your website.

Google+ is the next social website you must create a business page for. Search engine optimization consultant companies say that many people simply feel that this is an unnecessary step because they already have accounts on the other social websites. They also feel that because the majority of people are on the other social sites, there really isn't significant traffic to warrant opening yet another account. Google + offers you much more in SEO value than all the other social websites because not only will they place value on your relevant articles, they also will post the images in those articles too. This is a great way to get more juice to your website. Recent studies have shown that when an image appears in a search result, the likelihood of it being clicked goes up by over 150%. You can make a Google+ business page fairly quickly, and then link up your new account to a new YouTube account which is also part of the Google family. YouTube is one final social site you must also have a presence on to become a successful website.

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