Kawasan is the best water falls to relax after watching whale sharks

Budget travelling has now become the newest trend especially to backpackers and or first travel lovers. Every area or place has its perks and a location to showcase wherein they are not only limited to what they can see on the map but to diverse themselves in the area to find more place not shown in the map or even via the web. Philippines has more than to offer to travelers visiting and staying in the area and amongst that is on the list, Cebu is one of the most place in the country. Its culture and how diverse the place is makes it more interesting for them to explore.

The Queen city of the South or Cebu is known to have the best delicacies and its rich history, however, its historical and especially its tourist spots are the best activity that they can do during their stay. Whale shark watching and Kawasan falls day adventure is not new to the locals but a perfect itinerary that should be in their list to go to. There are tons of activities incorporated in the area to keep them up-beat and wondering; not to mention the whale sharks that are well-domesticated so that they can have a good glimpse on it. 

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