Do Cigarettes Cause Chronic Back Pain?

Back pain is so common that everybody experiences it at least once in their lifetime. There are many factors that cause back pain, out of which, some make sense, while others are based on mere assumptions. One of the factors that are related to back pain is smoking. Many people including top scientific researchers believe that smoking has a lot to do with your back pain.

Smoking Hurts Your Back

‘Smoking is injurious to health’, we have all heard and seen this phrase many times. Smoking damages lungs and blocks arteries going into the heart. But, there hasn’t been any linkage to the back. Let us find out if smoking really causes pain in the back or aggravate the back pain. The influence of smoking on the back is same as that of other parts of the body. Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that affect joints of the body in a negative way. Those who smoke frequently find it really hard to lift heavy things with their legs. If the lower back region is not firm, then legs will not be able to perform in the right manner. People will have to find alternative ways to lift things up because they can’t lift it with their original posture. Back pain can go away after following certain treatment processes, but when it comes to chronic back pain, things become a lot different. The pain is not going to leave your body until and unless you start taking painkillers, which will not eradicate the pain, but will control it.

Where to search for relief?

If cigarettes weren’t enough, painkillers are going to inflict damages to your body. It’s like getting caught between a rock and a hard place. Painkillers deteriorate immunity and the ability of the body to tackle with outside interference. Only half of the total chronic back pain sufferers get relief through painkillers.

You may feel that smoking cigarettes are going to relax your muscles and alleviate the pain, but in reality, the problem is getting worse. Until and unless you stop smoking cigarettes, you are not going to get relief.

Cigarettes are indeed a problem

Your focus may shift for a few minutes while smoking a cigarette, but the problem remains where it is. You have just tricked your mind and nothing else.

Smoking cigarettes are the prime factor for the development of chronic back pain. It is important to stop the habit of smoking otherwise the problem of back pain is going to intensify. Some people have also reported chronic lower back pain due to cigarette smoking. Cigarettes not just trigger the problem, but also impairs the ability to heal. Every time you move your body, a small part of your spine gets damaged. Though your body tries to repair the damages, but the intensity of repair reduces when a person starts smoking. Don’t start taking nicotine as it will further inflict damages to your body. The best thing would be to get in touch with a reputed clinic like Back Solutions Clinic because doctors will help you get rid of the issue.

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