A Russian Company Is Selling Children’s Beds

A child's bed is a magical place. It's a spaceship, a castle, a pirate ship, a racing car. It's anything they want it to be, and here at Dreams we can help their imagination run wild with our extensive range of children's beds.

Need lots of storage room, or room for sleepovers? Next to these options, this bed has the ideal height to hang out on with good friends, it's like a sofa. A if that is not enough, you can add also a rooftop or 4-poster frame on the bed and play in your own hut or dream away in your canopy bed. The possibilities are close to endless, just like the imagination.

Two-year-old Madeline sleeps in what appears to be a one-of-a-kind, designer-caliber bedding ensemble; however, the bed and bedding are big-box store purchases upgraded with simple do-it-yourself tricks. A durable paint finish on the bed plus decorative trim on the duvet and pillows instantly give tailor-made updates to basic, big-box toddler bedroom furnishings. Opting for ceiling-mounted pendant lights centered over nightstands and kept out of a toddler's reach is another way to bring a high-design look to basic store-bought pieces.

I transitioned my son to a floor bed” (a mattress on the floor) when he was a year old. I was really nervous about it, but was pregnant again and wanted a big gap between moving my son out of his crib, and his little sister into it. So I took the plunge, on a weekend when we had little going on so could take extra naps and such, and he did perfectly! Never missed a beat. Now, at 19 months, he LOVES his mattress/bed, loves playing on it, and happily sleeps on it without any problems. We do close his bedroom door, so if he gets up and plays before falling asleep, it's okay.

With Chick running after Lightning McQueen in the headboard of the Disney Pixar Cars Wooden toddler bed, any tot will have all the right motivation to go to bed earlier than usual. The boxy design of the Cars bed gives it an unusually stable and durable platform. The side decals follow the sleek lines of Lightning McQueen which is reminiscent of his exploits in Radiator Springs. Unfortunately, Mater, Doc, Red, and Sally are nowhere in the picture. It would have been a real blast to see these other characters as well as Luigi and Guido in the wraparound section of the toddler bed. Nevertheless, it's one speedy trip to slumber land for any toddler who is ever going to lay his or her back in this particular bed.

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